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tag 2 Jan 09, 2021

Story Structure: Using The Story Grid Tools

Download the Math of Storytelling Infographic

Let’s take a step back from the Story Grid tools for a moment and ask “What are these tools good for in the first place?” What they’re good for is determining if you have a workable story structure, and fixing your story if you don’t.

Story Structure Tools

But before we can discuss how you can use Story Grid tools to do this, we have to go over what story structure is, and why you need to follow recognized story structure principles.

Story Structure and Creativity

“But I want to be free to create whatever I want. I don’t want some arbitrary ‘structure’ to stifle me.”
Structure doesn’t inhibit creativity, it releases it. Without structure, you can end up with a rambling account of events, but not a story, just as a sentence or paragraph that doesn’t follow the structure of your language is word salad,...

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