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Does Your Story Work?

If it doesn't, no one will read it.

You have a great premise for a story, one you're sure will attract readers. Interesting characters. Inviting Settings. But if the story doesn't work, none of that matters.
What does it mean for a story to work? It means meeting readers' expectations -- but in an unexpected way.

Let me help you bring your writing to the next level.

Diagnosing your manuscript

Do you have a completed draft? As a  Story Grid Certified Editor, I will give your manuscript a complete "check-up" and go over the patient chart with you.

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Developing your idea

Getting stuck on that first draft? Don't know what to do with feedback you've gotten? I'll give you specific guidance, not vague generalities, and I'll stay with you.

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I’ve published two million words and sold more than 185,000 books worldwide. I also happen to be a certified Story Grid editor. 


Despite all of this, when Larry and I discussed his analysis of my latest manuscript, he had insights into both the strengths and weaknesses of my story that blew me away. Not only did he diagnose where my novel needed improvement, but he also gave me actionable prescriptions for fixing it. 


Larry’s affable manner and sense of humor made it a pleasure to work with him. His feedback was neither heavy-handed nor vague. He found the problems, offered specific suggestions, and left it up to me to decide which ones to follow.


I highly recommend Larry Pass’ editing services.

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